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Angie B
I feel great! Highly recommend. A day later and I’m not sore, I’m moving around better, and I plan on going back!
Cameron S
Great Massage Great deep tissue massage. Tailored to each specific persons needs. Highly recommend!
Zac F
My body feels amazing Sterling was very professional and thorough through out the entire session. I was suffering when I walked into his office and walked out relaxed and a new man. I will definitely be returning soon to see him for another therapeutic session
Rhonda M
Great massage Sterling is very knowledgeable and professional. He is very good at his craft and I will definitely go back to get my next massage. Best massage I have ever had.
Rhonda H
Best Around I had the best massage I believe I have ever had when I went in to see Sterling. Thank you Sterling
Kimberly G
Great massage! Sterling is professional and his studio is soothing. He helped release the pain in my neck and shoulders with a deep tissue massage. I would definitely recommend him.
Charissa Siegert
Positive I found Sterling though a Christmas Gift Certificate my mom gave me. It was AWESOME!!! I walked in that day after waking up with a crick in my neck/upper back. The massage was just what I needed. I ended up signing up for the monthly special he has going on and so far its been great. Easy to make appointments and easy to reschedule if needed. He listens to your needs and always makes sure you are satisfied with the service. I highly recommend Sterling Therapeutic Massage.
Peggy W
Good Surprise! This was my first time for a massage in College Station but have had many over the years elsewhere. For several weeks before I even made this appointment I had a terrible neck pain and couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I tried. Sterling asked several questions before the massage and I told him about my neck. He concentrated on that area and my shoulders. This is for real. He rid me of that persistent, pesky neck ache. 🎉 I am so pleased with the result.
Courtney B
Great! I had a great experience. He kept making sure I was okay with the pressure and the temp of the room and table. Very easy to talk to and feel comfortable.
Ashley M
Relaxation massage He did a great job! I will most def come again!!
Great massage! Sterling was great at setting my expectations for the massage. I really appreciated his tips for how to holistically approach my neck pain!
Dawn O
Beyond expectations I am relatively new to professional massage. I found Sterling to really care about his clients and genuinely want to help. The massage experience is extremely professional and therapeutic.
Excellent therapeutic massage! Sterling was very professional and highly skilled. The therapeutic massage was really helpful in relieving my neck and back pains.
Sandra S
Good I had a very good massage and he worked on body parts that really needed it and he listened to me
great 1st time Never had a professional massage before (or any massage for that matter), so I didn't have expectations, but certainly did not disappoint
Iris R
Relief For the first time in many years I woke up the day after my massage without back pain. Thank you so much. Look forward to my next massage
Phyllis M
Thanks I would highly recommend Sterling Therapeutic to anyone who needs a great massage. I went in with tight muscles in my back and left feeling much better.
Blake M
Massage was a great experience
Christine J
Amazing Had a fantastic experience!
Nicholas C
Great pressure, responsive Great pressure, very responsive and helped work on issues. thanks!
Leo Alcorn
Quality of Life Improved I have had chronic upper back pain for years due to undiagnosed scoliosis. It was intense and I could not focus a lot of the time due to the pain. I finally started getting regular massages with Sterling since he put me instantly at ease. The draft system is very helpful since it reminds me to get those regular massages. I have been seeing him for (I think) two years now, and I feel so much better. Results started instantly, but the consistency has created lasting change. I can focus at work. I can move better. I can pull my shoulders back and it doesn’t hurt. Not only has my back pain improved significantly, but we are also working on other areas that are connected to it. I started doing yoga, and due to Sterling’s help, I am more mobile than I have ever been, and regularly surprise myself how doing asanas I never thought I could do. You should give regular massages with Sterling a try. It has made my life better. I am no longer constantly in pain, and I am now able to push my body to amazing places.
Review The massage was AWESOME! I enjoyed it and feel great now.
Paula J
Best massage I had one of the best massages I've ever had with Sterling. I needed therapeutic more than just relaxing and walked away feeling much better. Sterling is professional and friendly. He makes the session all about the client. I will definitely be going back.
Wendy W
Great Massage I have been to several massage places in town and I was not so impressed. I was so pleased with the outcome after my visit to Sterling Therapeutic! Sterling is a very funny, down to Earth kind of guy. He took plenty of time to explain everything and what he was doing. He takes his time with the massage. I never felt rushed. Other places it felt like they were just hurding me in and out. Not here. I will totally be scheduling another appointment ASAP.
massage excellent massage. my back feels amazing. I will return in two weeks. thanks so much.
Massage with Sterling Very considerate of client's needs while being informative of his professional knowledge. The main objective of this massage therapist is your well being.
Cathy G
the best Sterling not only has magic hands, but an array of knowledge that allows such pleasant and interesting conversation if I want it, and equally at peace if I want the quiet. Truly one of the best massages I have gotten.
Beverly t
awesome massage I loved my first massage with Sterling. Very professional. Extremely helpful. Easy online booking.
Susan F
What a massage! Sterling listened to me well and eased pain in areas--especially the lower back--that have always been hard for other massage people to help. I also really like that he never rushed me and did all he could to make me less sore. I hope to go again soon!
Lindsie K
Great Very nice! Tells you what he thinks needs to be worked on most based off of your symptoms. Not in any rush. Really enjoyed it. Ready for my next one!
Awesome! My lowkey hero. Thanks Sterling. You are beyond awesome at what you do.
Wonderful Excellent massage. I always leave feeling amazing. It's been a great help relieving chronic pain - even the mini 20 minute sessions work wonders.
Jared M
Great massage I love deep tissue massages. This is probably the best I've ever had. Sterling listened to my areas of need and focused on those areas. He had the strength necessary to provide a truly deep tissue massage.
Awesome Massage Sterling does an excellent job as a masseur. He seems to be very intuitive when addressing your muscle's aches and pains. I recommend Sterling to anyone who is needing a massage that is done correctly.
Marylee G
great i feel great. thanks
Steve M
Excellent Therapeutic Massage Sterling is an excellent masseuse and provided me with back and shoulder relief. Highly recommend going to see Sterling
Dennis J
message good results
Rabecca J
message good results
Marylee G
Tended I loved it! I felt tended to physically and spiritually. How refreshing!
Jackie A
Experience Sterling was excellent. He made sure I was comfortable, answering questions as the massage progressed and made sure constantly that I wasn't in any pain. His skills for massage surpassed my expectations and I feel healthier and more agile now. I cannot express how much thanks I have for his fantastic services : )
Leon L
sciatic nerve massage The massage I was given has made me feel better I am able to move around better and not just stay in bed. I can't wait for my next appointment thank you so much for helping with my pain.
Jerry M
Five star massage For eight years Sterling has provided great massages - keyed to me. You can't ask for more.
Dottiedee A
Great massage I have known Sterling for several years and he is an outstanding massage therapist. Very professional! Highly recommend
Truly Amazing Massages I've been going to Sterling for 3 years now and he has shown me the benefits of a real therapeutic massage. I feel so much better both physically and mentally after a session. I would go to him every week if I had the time. He is just that good. Thanks Sterling
Dianne K
Great massage I have been seeing Sterling for over a year now and I think he's excellent - if you need a great massage - therapeutic or relaxing - give him a try.
Jackie P
Headache Relief I have been to several massage clinics and most are okay but never have I been so impressed and pleased with the outcome after my visit to Sterling Therapeutic! Love the atmosphere. No sell pitches, just honest down to earth massage counseling. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment soon.
Marcia L
so what I needed I have lots of discomfort, mostly stemming from my scoliosis. Sterling knows how to work on the right spots to give me relief.
2 years of monthly massages have helped my neck and shoulder pain! I am beginning my 3rd year of monthly massages with Sterling. I have less pain now from my cervical stenosis. He is a good listener, REALLY wants you to have an awesome session, helps you relax, is as quiet or talkative as you desire, and has very competitive prices. I was nervous of a male doing my massage, but he is very professional & quickly put me at ease.
Chandra B
Very good He does an astounding job with his therapeutic massages. Listens and works on troubled areas and avoids the ones you want left alone! Definately recommend
Excellent massage! Received the best massage I've ever had by Sterling today! He asks about any problem areas/physical activity/bad habits, and tailors your massage accordingly. He is one of the few massage therapists I've encountered who has the ability to feel where your muscles are most in need and work with an appropriate amount of pressure to alleviate tension. Definite five stars, and I fully recommend you make an appointment!
Lu H
Above and beyond I'm a regular customer at Sterling's and am always impressed by his work, but today was special. I developed a very painful muscle spasm in my back so called Sterling asking if there was any way he could see me. He gave me an appointment in 30 min for a 20 min spot massage. It's now a couple of hours after that and my back is so much better. I'm sure he must have taken the time for me from his lunch time which shows his dedication to his patients. I'll always be grateful.
Brenda B
Best Ever Massage! Sterling is the best massage therapist around! I appreciate him really listening and working on what I want him to.
Jerry M
Monthly visits for years! Great! I have been visiting Sterling once a month for several years. Prior to that I visited him on an irregular basis. Hardly recommend making the commitment to visit one a montn.
Tanya M
Awesome massage! Can't wait to get routine much-needed massage from this excellent therapist! Gracias!
Very good massage Very knowledgeable and professional. He focused on problem areas as requested. Also made recommendations for stretches at home to help
Courtney L
Love Sterling Sterling always does a really good job and I love him being my massage therapist. I have been going to Sterling for over 7 years and he is always very accommodating and listens to just what I want. Deep muscle massage is what I like, but if I want to change things up and do light relaxation, I know that Sterling is capable of doing both. Sterling is both professional and friendly- I highly recommend Sterling Therapeutic Massage.
Lyn B
LUXURY I am so pleased to have found Sterling in business for himself. This is the one luxury I ensure myself ~ 90 minutes every week! I feel like I can't function without my regular tune-up. Thank You!
Adell A
great my husband and I have been seeing sterling for almost a year now. we could not say enough positive things here. sterling is very mindful of our comfort. we are both so much happier having a good massage therapist we see regularly.
Dorothy C
Best Massages Ever!!! Sterling is very easy going and accommodating. He always makes sure I'm comfortable and works hard to ensure the sessions are geared to just what I need. He has had a tremendous impact in reducing my neck and back pain. He knows a lot about how the body functions and can really pinpoint the painful area. He also offers helpful suggestions to improve body mechanics between sessions. Most of all, his massages are awesome!
Sara P
Just what I needed I loved the fact that he dealt with my problem areas and the pressure he used was just right.
Cindy M
I totally enjoyed the massage, very relaxing.  That is what a total body massage should feel like.  You have totally spoiled me now.
Melissa G
Excellent massage! Great experience. Will be coming back.
Luella H
He listens Sterling is a very talented therapist. He listens to your needs and concentrates on areas you want. He's also very good at telling you things you might do to help your body work well.
Rebecca K.

Sterling has mastered the integration of technique and intuition. I am strongly impressed with his ability and professionalism and always mention him when speaking to someone that is looking for massage therapy. After a session with him I always feel relaxed and refreshed. He also is very informative and imparts helpful tips.